Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo Diary: the Pls Pls Me Heads West

Days 1 through 3 of our marathon trip to the West Coast.
     A few highlights of West Texas & Arizona.

Damn, those drives are looooong and breath taking! Some from the desert heartland....

All photos by cellist extraordinaire Alissa Schram.
    1. the loaf goes high style at the Prada store
    2. i display the new please, please me fashion line at Pridefest
    3. spring has sprung
    4. agustin gets his chillax on

In Phoenix, we played Pridefest, donned our thigh highs, and meditated by the cacti.

Pic 5. the stage at Plush in Tucson
      6. backstage at the Sail Inn in Tempe AZ
     7. desert flower
     8. staring out the window
     9. seguro!

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